Here we show you in a little more detail how we work and the process of a search project. This should only be viewed as a guiding principle. We adapt each search project specifically to your individual situation and your specific needs. We will agree the specific procedure with you individually for each project and vacancy.

Analysis and coordination

First of all, we have a detailed discussion with you about the job position, the environment, the specific requirements, etc. We agree with you in detail which experience and skills and which hard and soft skills you need for the position and are happy to contribute our expertise at this point. Based on this information, we initially produce the
“ideal profile” of a candidate. Above all, we also include information about your company in the process: Your way of working, your strategy, your vision, your culture, your values. Because how the candidate matches these points is the ultimately decisive factor for a successful and long-term cooperation. For us, it is indispensable that we know you and your company before we start a search. Your current issues and challenges, your focus and your preferences. Based on this information and our coordination, we then create a specific position and search profile.

Job position analysis

Intensive identification and research

We align the process of identification and candidate research individually and specifically to your current search. To this end, we have a comprehensive portfolio of methods, tools and measures at our disposal, with which we broadly and deeply address the active as well as the passive and hidden candidate market:

  • Research in our existing excellent network in the entire field and environment of the beverage industry as well as other industries
  • Active sourcing in all social and professional networks
  • Direct search and confidential approach through targeted identification of top candidates based on a defined target list
  • Posting of the position profile on job exchanges as well as on social and professional platforms

We initially work using an anonymous search profile. This means that the candidates cannot identify the company and cannot draw any conclusions about which company it is. Unless, of course, you make other arrangements with us.

All measures are managed by our own team and, if necessary, we also draw on the external expertise of specialised partners. For example, if you are looking for a head for your IT department, we work with a partner who specialises in identifying and finding candidates from the IT sector. These partners are usually agencies whose business field lies exclusively in candidate research on behalf of personnel consultancies and headhunters. In this way, we combine our distinctive beverage expertise with specific competencies for individual specialist areas.

Based on the information and initial contacts with candidates, we make an appropriate assessment of fit and categorisation and draw up an initial selection of candidates.

First candidate selection

We arrange initial, more detailed interviews with these candidates, initially by video chat or telephone. During these interviews, we further assess and narrow down the candidates by focusing on their previous experience, expertise, specific skills and personality.

In the process, we also specifically question the candidates’ “genuine” interest in your company and the position, as well as mobility, salary expectations, etc. From these interviews, we draw up a shortlist of candidates with whom we enter into further and more in-depth interviews (longlist). At this stage of the interview, we tell the candidates the name of your company. If required, candidates sign a confidentiality agreement before the interview or we can still act without naming your company at this stage of the process.


We conduct further and more detailed interviews with the longlisted candidates in a timely manner, in person or via video chat. Here we go into detail about the candidate’s previous experience, existing specialist knowledge, methodological competence, specific expertise, etc. We also intensively evaluate the person and personality, personal and social competence, preferences and values of the candidate, etc., in order to assess the overall fit with your company.

From this we draw up a shortlist of what we consider to be the best candidates to present to you as a selection for the vacant position. We usually present around 4 – 6 candidates to you, but here we will of course be guided by your preferences.

Shortlist, presentation of candidates

We present the individual candidates from the shortlist. You will receive an overview with the most important key data and information on the respective candidate and further additional information from our interviews as well as the candidate’s documents. This is sent to you as one (1) overall PDF document for each candidate.

You choose which of the candidates you would like to meet. We would be happy to do this in consultation with you, during which we can also provide you with additional information and assessments of the individual candidates from our point of view.

We arrange the appointments for your interviews with the candidates and send the invitations for the entire further process (second/third interviews, …) until a final decision for a candidate has been made and an employment contract signed. If you wish or if required, we will also be happy to take part in the interviews together with you.


We have the possibility to run candidates through various assessment and testing procedures:

Psychological online test: Here, the job-relevant personality traits of the candidate are recorded and evaluated (performance motivation, leadership motivation, team orientation, assertiveness, …). This is a psychological online-assisted test.

Video analysis: Here, short videos of the candidates are produced and these are analysed by software using artificial intelligence with regard to the candidate’s language, facial expressions and gestures, whilst personality traits and communication behaviour are evaluated. This analysis can be adapted very specifically and for each individual procedure to the respective requirement profile.

Top Executive Assessment: We recommend a renowned institute specifically for each case and take over the complete organisation.

We can carry out these procedures at different stages of the project, depending on your wishes and coordination. We will be happy to advise you within the framework of the respective project.

Diversity as a success factor

It has been proven beyond doubt that a higher proportion of women in leadership positions significantly increases the success of companies on many levels. Numerous studies prove the importance of paying attention to a few points in the entire recruitment process in order to make the company and the position attractive to female candidates as well. We stand for diversity and deal with this issue in great detail. This is something we assure and guarantee at every stage of the process.

Diversity in the recruitment process


For us, the process does not end when an employment contract is signed with a candidate.

In coordination with you and your new employee, we accompany the onboarding process in all phases (preparation phase, entry phase, integration phase) through regular contact and discussions with you and the employee.


With the exception of selecting candidates from the shortlist, interviewing these candidates and concluding the employment contract with the final selected candidate, you do not have to worry about anything. We take care of the complete organisation and administrative process (communication with candidates, interview invitations, rejections, follow-up work, …).

You will receive regular and timely information from us on the current project status and, upon request, a final report after successful completion of the project.