Top candidates for the beverage industry

We shape the future and the success of the beverage industry with you

Top candidates for the beverage industry

Jochen Etter

We shape the future and the success of the beverage industry with you

We are looking for the right candidates for your jobs in the beverage industry

Passionate personnel consulting exclusively for the beverage industry

What sets us apart is passion. Passion is the answer to why we do what we do and why we do it the way we do. Our passion is the beverage industry, the companies that work in this industry: as manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, or in the closer environment. With what we do, we want to shape the future and the success of the beverage industry together with you, support you in being successful and make the entire beverage industry more successful.

Top job positions in the beverage industry
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We find top candidates for you who will lead your company to above-average performance on the market

Our passion is people: our customers, our employees and our partners, as well as the managers and the professionals who lead your company to above-average competitiveness. For you, we track down the
best candidates on the market. Candidates with passion. Candidates who are enthusiastic about your company, your brands, your products and the success of your business! From the beverage industry and from other sectors. Sometimes it makes sense to fill positions specifically with candidates who come from the beverage industry. In some cases and situations, however, a candidate who does not come from the beverage industry may be the better choice. Because he or she brings in new perspectives, thinks about issues differently and provides new impulses.

Excellence for the beverage industry

The ultimately decisive and determining factor is that the candidate, in addition to his or her professional expertise, fits your company, your vision, your strategy, your culture, your values, that he or she has and is the right personality to match you, and has the distinctive personal and social competence. We will find those candidates for you. We find the best candidates on the market for your current vacany.

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Customized Executive & Professional Search

We align our search and selection process precisely to your company, your specific needs and your specific situation, the requirements of the position and the current situation on the market. We address the active as well as the passive and hidden candidate market. In addition to our broad and deep network, which is not only beverage-specific, we work using direct approach, active sourcing in all social and professional networks, database research and job platforms and additionally with the latest and most up-to-date methods and tools from the field of digital and artificial intelligence. For specific topics, we work with specialised partners and draw on external expertise. We combine all of this into a complete package individually tailored to your project.

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