We give you the opportunity to get in touch with a small and exclusive circle of selected top candidates!

Due to our specialisation in filling job vacancies at management and demanding specialist level exclusively for companies in the beverage industry, we have an excellent network and contacts to absolute top candidates from the beverage and other industries. Often, close and trusting contacts develop in the process.

For various reasons, many of these candidates do not want to openly present their identity on the candidate market, i.e. not only do they not go in search of a new challenge themselves, but also react rather passively when approached directly. However, we know from confidential conversations that there is definitely interest in an interesting challenge.

Top Kandidaten für Rekruting

With carefully selected genuine top candidates we therefore discuss first creating an anonymised short profile of them, which shows the essential points on their career path, experiences, skills and their expertise. We can present this to companies without disclosing the identity of the candidate or allowing corresponding conclusions to be drawn. If there is further interest in a profile, we will be happy to provide the company with the original profile – after prior consultation with the candidate, of course – and establish contact. All of this is without cost to the candidates.

We have reached an agreement with several interested companies that we regularly keep them updated on contacts with top candidates that exist in this form. If you are also interested in this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.