We stand out from our competitors. We offer you greater competence in key areas, are more up-to-date and take a more targeted, customer- and project-specific approach. Make use of this benefit.

Exclusive specialisation in the beverage industry

We are the only recruitment consultancy that works exclusively and exclusively for companies in the beverage industry. We have many years of personal experience and an excellent network in the beverage industry as well as a broad and deep candidate network outside as well as within the beverage industry. We know the structures and needs of the beverage industry and bring our sound expertise to your search projects. We find the best candidates on the market.

Personnel consulting for the beverage industry
Recruitment for the beverage industry

Individual conception and orientation of your search project

Every search project has its specific background, requirements and topics, its special features. In every search project, the structure and classification of the vacant position is different and has its own specific environment. We design each of our search projects individually with this in mind. Of course, we have standardised processes. But how we link, weight, etc. these individual processes and procedures is decided individually for each project. We tailor our search precisely and accurately to your needs.

Selection, evaluation, assessments

In our candidate research, we do not only pay attention to the professional and methodical skills and the personality of the candidates. We go one step further. We analyse the candidate’s fit with the culture, values, philosophy and ways of working of your company and the relevant team and environment. In addition to internet-based online aptitude tests, we work with the latest tools and methods from the digital and artificial intelligence fields. We can tailor each process precisely and specifically to your particular project and the individual requirements of the candidates. With a very high degree of accuracy, we recognise the specific fit of each candidate.

Selection of applicants for the beverage industry
Recruitment of female applicants for the beverage industry


We stand for diversity. We know that teams that are put together correctly and with diversity have a significant impact on the success of companies, we know the important role the proportion of women plays in this and we know what specific points in a recruitment process women value. We deal very intensively with the topic and have excellent expertise in this area. We ensure at every stage of the process that we also specifically address female candidates, and that your company and the position are also attractive to female candidates. We support you in making your teams more successful, also by choosing the right diverse composition.